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It was a welcome break from year-upon-year of hikes brought on by an explosion in spurious whiplash claims and the seemingly unstoppable march of ‘no-win, no-fee’ lawyers.

No. I gave them the correct details. But those details changed due to an accident caused by a hit and run driver in a car park which involved my named driver and her car. No. If you do not renew your policy there will be no additional charges. You will only have to pay the cancellation fee if the policy is cancelled before renewal. No. Our achievements are purely there to encourage good driving and to give you extra feedback to let you know how well you are doing.

No. If you own a car that is kept off-road, it needs to have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) in force. All other UK registered vehicles must be taxed if used or kept on public roads. No. Policies are billed and must be paid separately. When you pay your bill online or over the phone you will receive a distinct reference number for your records. No. Unlike some telematics offerings which offer black box insurance, you are covered to drive any time you like, day or night. No. We are happy to provide you with the same rate of insurance while you’re waiting for it to be fitted subject to the box being fitted during the 14 day period from the start of your policy.

No. We have reliable road speed limit information for England, Wales and Scotland. We don’t for other countries nor do we have for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. Please switch off the autostart setting when not driving in England, Wales or Scotland. No. We provide a mobile fitting service, whereby a trained engineer will visit you at a time and place convenient to you. No. We won’t. However, speeding and driving unsafely will affect your driving score and therefore affect your premium. No. You can only drive your Motability car and any vehicle provided by or on behalf of Motability Operations in direct replacement of it.


No. We understand that there will be times when every driver needs to use their car at night and we won’t stop you from doing so. However, if you intend to drive regularly at night, it is likely to affect your Driver Rating, which will mean you may not save as much as you could on your renewal costs. No. You do not need to look at or touch our app whilst driving. Autostart will take care of switching on and off monitoring automatically. If you’ve switched off autostart, always press Start journey” before starting your journey.

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Nobody can predict the future – even the most reliable companies can fall into bad times. As with any purchase, you should consider if you’ve any protection should the company you buy the cover from go bust. Nobody will migrate or be transfered from DLA to PIP. You’ll be invited to apply for PIP and be assessed like a new claim. No-fault claims – If you make a claim for an incident which was no fault of your own, then with car cover, this won’t affect your no claims discount in future. With home insurance fault doesn’t matter; any claim can affect your ‘no claims’ history.

No-Fault Insurance is different – It does two things: it makes automobile insurance mandatory, and it makes those states that have it a No-Fault state (like Michigan). The intent of No-Fault is that if you and I collide at an intersection, my policy would cover my car and my body; and your policy would cover your car and your body. Nominated drivers should also take the car for a test drive, but be careful not to let them over-influence your decision.

No-fault Insurance: A system of compensation enacted by law in many states under which indemnification is made by the insured’s own insurance company regardless of who is at fault. Details of this system vary significantly from state to state. Non-continuous cover doesn’t matter – If you have a break in the continuity of your car cover (a maximum period of 18 months is commonly allowed), unlike with home insurance, it won’t have any impact on the discount you might get for no claims.

Non-display of the tab, even if it has fallen off the windscreen and is in the car, can result in a fine of around €150. It’s possible to insure a vehicle for less than a year (e.g. three months) and you can also insure a vehicle for a single journey over 1,000km (620mi). None of the drivers have any non-motoring convictions unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act e.g. theft, dishonesty, or fraud. None of the studies show low credit = more claims, they only show low credit = filing a claim is more likely.

None of the drivers have ever had insurance refused, cancelled, voided, or special terms imposed on any insurance policy. None of us are or will be driving without any insurance! We are not that kind of people and certainly not that stupid!! We also have 2 very young children and like all parents dont want them in any danger so we wouldn’t put them in any by not having insurance!! Nope, always on – so you all have to adhere to the conditions set out in the telematics policy, or his premium goes up.

Nonetheless, in case you live tranquil and also keep in mind certain simple assistance, that one could reduce the potential for a serious crash. A product being rainwater about the windscreen obscuring a eye can be a rather clear affect. If it out does, you must employ the brakes within a skid. Nonetheless, it is still worth shopping around for the best possible quote as not all providers treat changing circumstances such as these in the same way.