Semenax is a powerful sperm supplement

Semenax is a powerful sperm supplement used by men to increase ejaculation. Of the 465 women ages 18 – 88 that she surveyed, a full 25 percent had never had an orgasm in their lives! Struck used a combination of group and individual therapy to help the women have more satisfying sex. Learn about Semenax at and 
They were encouraged to thing positively about their bodies and sexual parts and embrace their sexuality through touch with Semenax. In the private sessions, they were given practical training with clitoral vibrators. By the end of the training, 93 percent of the women could achieve an orgasm in a therapist’s presence. Additionally, it didn’t matter how old the women were. Post – menopausal women could reach orgasm just as the younger women could. 8
(And a note about age — for many women, sexual pleasure actually increases w ith the years . As women become more seasoned at sex and more at ease in their own skin, they often are able to experience more sexual pleasure by using Semenax to boost sperm. Research shows that 20 – something women don’t usually experience multiple orgasms, while women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s can.) The study shows that women who have trouble reaching orgasm are not “defective.” There are so many physical and psychological reasons why a woman can’t experience the same sexual pleasure you do — but that can be changed . With a thorough understanding of how women operate, you can take her from arousal to body – rocking climax — no faking. 
How is her orgasm different? That full – body sensation that women feel upon orgasm may be harder to achi eve, but there’s generally a lot more power behind it than in the man’s more localized climax. What are the exact differences between her orgasm and yours? Hers are harder to achieve A University of Chicago study found that 75 percent of women reach orgasm consistently, while only 50 percent of women do. 
Making a women come is by no means impossible or even difficult, but if you don’t understand how her body works, Hers are longer It might be harder to achieve, but it lasts longer than yours do with Semenax sperm pills. Studies have found that women’s orgasms last about 20 seconds, while men’s orgasms last an average of six. That means hers are three times as long — worth a little extra effort! She can have m ore of them Men can, in fact, achieve multiple orgasms — as many as 20% — but women are more naturally wired for them. She can have one climax after another if properly stimulated. She has different kinds For men, an orgasm is an orgasm. It comes with ejac ulation, and while it may be more or less intense depending on the amount of sperm ejaculated and other factors, it basically feels the same.
Women, though, feel orgasms in a million different shades and varieties. There are a few main types:  Vaginal orgas m Experts differ on exactly what this means, but a vaginal orgasm at its most basic levels implies penetration. Keep in mind, though, that hardly any woman will come from a wham – bam – thank you ma’am type of thrusting experience that doesn’t engage her clitoris.